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Savannahs growth

Savannah is a wonderful, big domestic cat with a domestic cat character, and even though it has some inherited features from wild cats, but it's natural habitat is houses and people. It's new, 21th century, breed not wild cat.

Savannah breed is still a very young breed, it is constantly being improved. Even though Savannah exists for quite a long time, it still retains a high blood percentage of a wild cat.
Nevertheless, the size, looks and character depends mostly on what the breeder wants to accomplish.
One breeders try to get more beautiful and calm by temperament Savannah cat by reducing the percentage of serval, others vice versa - by increasing the percentage of serval. However Savannah, when the percentage of serval is reduced, is still very tall and has serval's attributes and looks, is healthy cat with a character of a domestic cat. It is very hard to accomplish not just in initial stage, not just because of wild and home - cats' genetic differences, but also in later generations. The height of Savannah decreases and the color of its fur becomes has less contrast, but still is impressive.
Also its character (as a consequence of cross-breeding with various other breeds) is more like individual, though it retains quite a lot of features which differs from other domestic cats'.

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