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Chandah F2B

savannah_f2_chandahKiwanga Chandah of Domus Felina is a F2B savannah breed cat.
It is a first savannah female cat in Lithuania.
Chandah was born in 04-04-2007.

It's parents are: a female cat named Jahzara - the first F1 savannah cat in Europe, brought from USA breeding grounds, one of the first to breed savannahs. A male cat named Kima F4 from Canada, very rare because F4 are usually infertile.
The grandparent of Chandah is a serval named Pongo living in USA.

Chandah is a very active, curious cat, can jump up to 2 meters high, loves playing with water, with a ball, chases and fetches it. Can turn the lights on, turn the CD player on. The coat is very of very bright.
It is a cat with a special wild look with a very individual character.

It participates in our cat breeding programme cubing F3C savannah kittens.

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Chandah F2BChandah F2Chandah F2

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