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Litter SBT

We already have SBT Savannah kittens. SBT Savannah - this kittens have best pedigree and are especially valued because they are considered pure breed may participate in TICA shows Championship class.

Parents:   HAIBA X  TyCOON, were born in September 2019, ready to go to new homes now in 2020.


Male #1, went to a new home

F5F5F5F5F5F5It will be yellow in color and will have beautiful, very bright black larger spots. Lovely, calm, easy to take on hand.

Male #2, went to a new home

Will come with beautiful very bright black spots. Lovely, calm, very fond of sitting on my hands.

Male #3,   left with us

Yellow, will have nice, very bright dark spots (dots). Very affectionate, calm, very fond of sitting on my hands.


Female, went to a new home


Will have black spots. Is quiet, a little cautious, likes games.

Parents:   aRMANI TyCOON, were born in December 2014, all went to a new home



Male#2, went to a new home

Labai geltono - auksinio atspalvio su gražiomis dėmėmis (taškiukais).

Male#3, went to a new home

F5F5F5Lengvai geltono  atspalvio su tamsiomis stambesnėmis  dėmėmis (taškiukais).

Male#4, went to a new home

Katinukas su gražiomis tamsiomis dėmėnis (taškiukais).

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