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Purchasing Savannahs

The purchase of a kitten is always a big event for you and your family. It is also your willingness to take responsibility of taking care of something. The decision you make when purchasing a kitten will determine the quality and specifics of a big part of your and your children lives. It will live together with you all that time and become part of your family.
When buying a savannah you must draw attention to the same things as buying a cat of another breed: first of all the health of the kitten, which is demonstrated by its eyes, sharp and full of energy; the necessary grafts; microchip (should the kitten get lost); the conditions under which the animal was raised - it determines its' socialization level; the parents of the kitten (an opinion of the kittens character can also be made according to them); as well as the documents, proving the reliability and identity of the breed. All of this is very important when buying a kitten. Also you must know the peculiarities of the breed.

The acquisition of Savannah must be a very considered decision, it cannot be impulsive or a gift to a friend. Only this can guarantee love and great long lasting relationship with Savannah cat.
You must always remember that Savannah will spend most of her life with you (up to 20 years). It will require constant attention and love so it would be inappropriate for the owners to travel much. You will have to take care of it all this time and it will cost you not only physically, but also financially.
If you decided or are planning to purchase Savannah cat, you will have to hide valuable glass or crystal dishes, vases or other fragile things to a safer place. Remember - especially first generations F1 - F3 Savannah cat is definitely not for everyone. For example it would be hard for a savannah to live in a single-room flat.Though further generations‘ cats don‘t cause any trouble.
You must know all of this before contacting us due to acquisition of Savannah. We must be sure, that our Savannah cat will get to a safe home and a loving family.
Savannah s currently one of the most wonderful breeds in the world, they are very agile and extremely smart. You will have a lot of wonderful moments owning Savannah, it will become a part of your life. When you purchase a Savannah cat you will have a completely different feeling of life and you will be unable to imagine your life without the most wonderful cat in the world.

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